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From the moment of our birth, the story of our life is set in motion. Depending on what fate has to offer, some among us will have more pages to turn than others. The characters in our book are the friends, family and acquaintances that drift in and out of our world. It is the relationship that we build with these individuals that help to create the chapters that define who we are.

When A Snowflake Melts
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When A Snowflake Melts

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The story of When a Snowflake Melts emerged from two events that occurred in my life over a period of only a few short weeks. In 2000, my family suffered the loss of two family members. Kristen, only thirty-three and my father, eighty-six years old, each died unexpectedly and independent of one another. The pain and disbelief that poured from our hearts was insurmountable. For a family to have to bid farewell to a loved one, then suddenly gather again to mourn the loss of another in such a brief period of time, left us devastated and forlorn beyond words. How were we to carry on?

Between May 2000 and June 2001, the first year that marked the anniversary of the death of my father and niece-in-law, the road I traveled was filled with much more than just anger and disbelief. My foundation was shattered and in my struggle to move forward, I walked a lonely path frequently resurrecting the pain of previous significance losses. Buried within this avalanche of hopeless despair, I began to write. Through one story and one poem at a time, I began my journey through this circle of grief, measuring each holiday, each season and each individual day by the apparent absence of these dearly departed and loved souls.

My loss was not solitary as others also shared in the pain of losing Kristen and my dad. However, it was up to each one of us to assemble the broken pieces of our life. Although we met at intersections of our despair, the road traveled was our personal choice to make.

Although brief, When a Snowflake Melts has been the vessel that has allowed me to move forward. Inside these pages you will gaze into my life and see some of the faces of whom I write. Overcoming sorrow is difficult. In the end, the task remains ours alone to mend ourselves whole again.

A circle has no beginning and no end. And much like the circle, we as the survivor, need to find the fortitude to blend our yesterdays into our tomorrows.   

When a Snowflake Melts has already accomplished what I had hoped it would do; to provide solace to those individuals feeling the immeasurable pain of losing a loved one. It need not matter if the loss is current or still lingering in the heart for sorrow has no timeline. The purpose of the book is not meant to take away this hurt, but to let others know that they, or perhaps you, are not alone in your suffering.

When someone that we love dies, they never really go away. We visit them in our dreams, in our hearts, and in our memories. When a Snowflake Melts, it feeds the soil that grows the grass and flowers, living on for always…..

There are two versions of my book. The “limited keepsake” version of When a Snowflake Melts is personally hand-tied with a purple gossamer ribbon. This book can only be ordered by contacting me directly; the Amazon version is a soft covered book with a bow on the cover as seen here and is equally as pretty!

The wreath on the front cover is handmade by me, and yes, that is my father’s gravestone in the middle of the page. When words are not sufficient to express your thoughts of sympathy, send a copy to an acquaintance to let them know they are in your thoughts and please keep a copy for yourself.